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Butter, Sugar, Magic: Baking Up a Magical Midlife
by Jessica Rosenberg

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When Cassie inherits a fully stocked bakery along with a beautifully furnished apartment from a mysterious great aunt, she’s convinced she must be dreaming. Things like this don’t happen to 40-year-old newly single moms down on their luck. Then again, apartments don’t usually adapt themselves to your desires and friendly neighbors don’t usually tell you you’re a witch as they float fireballs in the air. Cassie has two choices. She can hightail it out of this bewildering town and figure out another way to support her pre-teen daughter. Or she can stay in this unsettling place and embrace the unexpected. Will she have what it takes to bake up a magical fresh start, or is this all just too far out of her comfort zone?

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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