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Burnout Recovery
by Amber Pierce

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Has burnout left you feeling exhausted, trapped, angry, and overwhelmed? Then it’s time you beat it by following these practical strategies…

First reported in the 1970s, burnout has always been seen as the result of workplace stress, to the point where you’ve exhausted yourself physically and emotionally.

According to a survey by Mental Health America and FlexJobs, 75% of employees reported burnout from work, leading to lack of interest, work-related stress, fatigue, and emotional exhaustion.

But there is a sinister turn to burnout that often goes unnoticed: it punctures your life from within.

In your quest to stand out, become successful, stay socially relevant, and impress those around you, you end up sandwiching yourself. When this pressure manifests as burnout, it derails your life.

Think about the times when you’ve felt:

  • Stressed, unfocused, and tired with your job

  • Emotionally drained, uninterested, and even bitter towards your personal relationships

  • A lack of motivation and inflating self-doubt that keeps you from living

And no matter how many breaks or medications you take, you cannot uproot these problems that burnout leaves behind.

However, combating this psychological epidemic doesn’t require you to be superhuman.

In fact, recovering from burnout doesn’t even have to be complicated.

And the first step is to look within…

In this detailed burnout recovery guide, you will discover:

  • 5 critical life skills with practical guidelines to help aid in your recovery

  • A thorough understanding of burnout and its related conditions, as well as its warning signs

  • The 5 stages of burnout and how each stage manifests behaviorally and psychologically

  • The real reason why you’re burning out (and how your individual differences and experiences might be contributing to it)

  • A DIY quiz to help you assess your situation and see your progress

  • Strategies to help you with social situations and relationships in order to keep burnout at bay

  • How self-care can help you break out of the cycle of burnout and find true happiness in life (with actionable steps to help you make a lifetime of good habits)

And much more.

Burnout doesn’t have to dominate and influence every sphere of your life – but in order to overcome it, you have to first start with yourself.

Self-care involving good habits and a perspective that promotes personal growth, happiness, and health can help you distance yourself from this burnout epidemic and restore yourself from within.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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