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Burnout 911
by Joana Ardelean

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Tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed and exhausted because your efforts are never enough? Trapped in a continuous tradeoff between a successful career and your personal life?

Maybe you missed important events in your child’s (loved ones’) life because of long hours at work?
Or you let your waistline grow and your health decline because of all the stress?
Or you just keep telling your family that you’ll have time for them when “that” work project is over or when you finally get that hard earned promotion.

We get it. And Joana has been there too.

Sending you a BIG hug, and a reminder to give yourself a little grace. Running a successful career AND a full personal life is tough, and you’re doing an awesome job.

But letting another year fly by might make you wonder if you’re “cut out” for this big career thing.
Or that maybe you should just give in, and get a lower level job that you can do with your eyes closed (at least you’ll see your kids more, right?)
Or maybe you just need to put your foot down at work and tell your boss you’re not going to burn that midnight oil anymore, because enough is enough, right? Ummm noooo.

Here is the good news: in this very moment, you have the power to break the cycle, and make 2022 your most fulfilling, calm and blissfully balanced year yet.

All it takes is… a little strategic planning and this book in hand.

YES, even if you don’t have any spare time in your busy day (yet!)
YES, even if you feel like you’ve tried every work-life balance strategy on the planet Earth already (you haven’t) or that there is so much on your plate all the time that you just want to give up.
YES, even if changing your way of operating feels totally overwhelming, or so far none of your prior efforts provided a lasting impact.

So let’s get one thing straight: if you’re ready to make 2022 THE year you actually achieve those amazing dreams of yours…
This book is for YOU.

Here is a little secret:
The Uplevel Your Life and Career framework has been an essential part of how Ardelean has been able to go from utter despair and burnout as an executive with young children to a life of calm and purpose.

And now, she’s sharing with the world exactly how she’s done it- step by super fun step- inside the book.

You can declare your goals and start mapping out your amazing new life with her help, and get ALL her work-life balance secrets for the small price of the book.

Inside Burnout 911, she is walking you through :

  • The EXACT steps to create the good life without sacrificing a thriving career

  • The fundamental mindset changes needed to elevate how you are operating

  • The big elephant in the room: how to finally manage your career to create an amazing work-life balance, including the difference-makers at each leadership stage

  • YOUR own customized implementation plan to an unapologetic life of flow, calm and ease that’s possible on the other side of your struggle

  • Thought-provoking exercises and real-world daily practices you can implement right now, along with powerful stories from the dozens of interviews conducted for this book, including:a top military leader on the brink of suicide
    a millennial executive’s wake-up call after an “out of nowhere collapse”
    a manager supporting celebrities leaving everything behind despite a dream life

Isn’t it high time you felt in control of your life, instead of work running it for you? (Not that long hours at the office aren’t fun!)

Skip the learning curve, and start living your best life NOW.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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