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by Rosetta Fei

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If you are grieving following the loss of a parent, and are looking for peace, hope and comfort, then this grief book is for you. It may seem as though your sadness and loss will never be fully expressed when your parent passes away. You may go through one of the most challenging phases of your life whilst in your bereavement and grief. But despite your sorrow, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Grief is the emotional reaction to loss, especially the loss of your mother or father, with whom you had a close attachment, affection and interaction. You might feel a wide range of challenging and unexpected feelings, such as bewilderment, remorse, fear, or extreme sadness. Loss's agonising pain might frequently seem unmanageable. Grief distress can also interfere with your physical well-being, making it challenging to do basic things like eating, sleeping, or even thinking clearly.

Grief statistics show that about 2.5 million people die annually in the United States, leaving an average of five grieving people behind. And it is estimated that 1.5 million children (5% of children in the United States) have lost one or both parents by age 15. For many people in bereavement, the most challenging time is the first several days or weeks.

In this grief and loss book, you will discover the following simple secrets:

  • The ways to navigate anticipatory grief in the weeks, months, or even years preceding the loss

  • Transitioning from loss to grief

  • Grief for children - what a grieving child might need

  • The four grieving tasks - TEAR - in the mourning process

  • The five stages of grief and how to find healing after loss

  • Coping with memories and triggers

  • Providing help and support to someone grieving

  • Finding comfort and crawling out of the grief storm

And much more.

This grief recovery book is a must for anyone who has lost a mother or father. So anyone who has lost a parent, a career or even a marriage, a home, a pregnancy, or a nest fund can benefit from this book's guidance and lightening of the path to peace and a more positive outlook. As a fellow bereaved person, the author provides practical insights on how to embrace the process of rediscovering how to live again and purging grief from life. This book is not only for adults but will also be an inspiration and a source of encouragement to many living with loss, including children. It is so easy to follow that even children and teenagers will find it relevant and have success with it from the moment of bereavement.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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