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Awesome on Your Own Terms
by Nicole Lance

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Ditch the doubt and drive your own success.

If you’re tired of letting everyone else call the shots for you, if you’re worn out from trying to achieve someone else’s version of success, and if you’re straight up done letting all those “shoulds” shape your decisions, then it’s time to become awesome on your own terms.

Because let’s face it: you overgive and you feel undersatisfied.

Awesome on Your Own Terms delivers tactical approaches to build a career you adore and cultivate a life full of joy.

Chart your own path to professional and personal success so you can:

  • Learn to initiate Courageous Conversations.

  • Build an Army of Advocates to help you.

  • Discover micro-strategies to make self-care easier.

  • Build an adventure list to become more intentional.

  • Master ways to ditch the doubts that are holding you back.

It’s your moment to finally press pause on trying to live up to someone else’s definition of success and hit play on blazing your own trail to a life and career you love!

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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