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A Wow Life
by Keith Gibson Ph.D.

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Wishing for More Smiles, Positive Energy, and Happiness?

Wishing for an Enriched Life Full of Grateful Feelings?

This gratitude strengthening program not only points the way…it offers a guiding hand as you make it happen. Our training strategy embeds within your memory…habits, and knowledge of gratitude. 

The mastery of this knowledge and habits moves you toward long-term life-changing happiness.

The self-training is easy, uplifting, and results in measurable progress.

What it is NOT and What it IS!

It’s not about a quick read, “I understand, I got this.” Rather, it’s about your taking action to practice habits of awareness, appreciation, and sharing “goodness” with others.

It’s not about trying to persuade yourself to appreciate what’s good in your life through repetitive affirmations. Rather, it’s about developing a sensitive “awareness of goodness” and a genuine appreciation of the gifts surrounding your life.

It’s not about “think positively and expect that good will happen.” Rather, it’s about “putting in the training (which really isn’t very much) to achieve abundant gratitude as a habit and way of life.”

It’s not about “journaling” exercises (although it can be helpful). 

Rather it’s about mastering gratitude messages and habits through practice.

It’s not about baring your soul to strangers or to even a professional therapist. Rather, it’s all about your efforts and what you wish to achieve.

It’s not about a static gratitude checklist of things to do. This program is about strengthening your ability to readily recognize the “goodness” that may be hidden from you.

It’s not about sitting around and waiting for an experience of gratitude to come your way. Rather, it is actively taking a step into a “life of gratitude”.

It’s not about resolving “self-limiting beliefs” that hold you back. Rather, it’s about fixing a simple lack of awareness that’s stealing joy from your life.

It’s not about solving psychological problems in your life. Rather, this is a chance to let go of “living in your head” and appreciate what you have, even when life sucks.

It’s not about fixing feelings of misery by analyzing it. Rather, it’s about adding enrichment and positive influences to your life, which will help reduce misery.

It’s not about others changing you. Rather, it’s about you taking on accountability and directing your life.

It’s not about changing the world, or even yourself and who you are. Rather, it’s about your changing your sensitivity to observe goodness in your life.

It’s not about doing good to pay back others. Rather, it’s about your capturing goodness, savoring its experiences, and sharing with others your joy.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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