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Romance - Erotica
A Hot Mess
by Roaleey Ryan

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A sexy standalone novel

Sury Glasby's life is about to change dramatically.
The first-time when billionaire Damian Dupot saw her, she was standing apart from the crowd in her red dress, a gorgeous beauty. But then, when she saw herself in the mirror, she was holding a cleaning cart. In reality she was scrubbing her way to stardom with the help of her two best friends, living and breathing in New York city.

Under false pretences she has a chance encounter with Damian Dupot, and their first date ends in heated passion and a heartbreak.

While overcoming their romance hurdles, her world breaks after an eighteen-year-old murder unravels when she stares in the eyes of her killer. Leaving a trail of love, and tears in its wake!

Twisted story with secret identities. This is A Hot Mess. Um, let's not forget #af

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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