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Urban Fantasy
A Gamer's Wish
by Tao Wong

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A Magic Ring, an unsuspecting mundane and a hidden world. What could go wrong?

Henry Tsien has been living the quiet life of a mundane mortal until he stumbles upon a magical ring. Within, an ancient jinn resides, willing to grant him his deepest desires. Faced with gaining his greatest desires, Henry wishes for magic.

Granted magic and magical knowledge in increments, Henry stumbles into a world of adventure and a hidden magical world that is more banal and wondrous than he could ever imagine.

A Gamer’s Wish is book 1 of the GameLit / LitRPG urban fantasy trilogy Hidden Wishes set in contemporary times with modern day settings. The series contains game-like elements, incredible magic, a beautiful game-addicted jinn as a companion, and shadowy supernatural organizations.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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