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A Friendly Low-Budget Vegan Cookbook
by Jordan Riley

deal prices can change - please check before buying

The supermarkets are rich with choices, but we often make poor choices.

This society is materially rich, but we find ourselves increasingly emotionally poor.

The recent global events of the past few years have only exacerbated that trend.

Can we restore our connection with food, vegetables, nature, and our fellow human beings?

Yes, we can! We can bond with family and friends as we cook and eat healthy meals at home.

However, our cookbooks are not very helpful, and there is a pile of unread, unused cookbooks on kitchen shelves.

Are the vegan recipe books in your kitchen too long and complicated?

Do these books call for hard-to-find ingredients or strict adherence to formulaic cooking?

Do you assume cooking great vegan food will be expensive, time-consuming, or taste like cardboard after all?

Guess again. The truth is that a cookbook with 6,743 recipes won't do you any good and may cause you to lose your motivation through analysis paralysis. Also, fortunately, vegan cooking for our families can be healthy, affordable, quick, and that 'd' word, delicious.

Welcome to the one and only easy vegan cookbook you need in your collection. This friendly book will help everyday people like yourself prepare healthy, whole-food meals for your entire family in your very own kitchens with just a few common ingredients.

If you are not yet a vegan, but merely curious about the lifestyle, you might be low on information and struggling to find the courage to try any recipes.

If you are a vegan, you might be low on funds and struggling to find affordable, easy-to-follow recipes that meet your dietary needs and are easy to cook for one.

For those of you who are low on cash, but high on inspiration when it comes to animal welfare, here's a solution!

There Are Many Reasons To Choose This Vegan Cookbook; Here Are Just The Top 4:
✅ This cookbook is aimed at beginners and adopts a non-condescending tone throughout.
✅ Tips to make cooking interesting and more fun. My attitude is that a lifestyle change is difficult and that you are more likely to be successful if the whole process is fun
✅ This cookbook has a whole chapter on how home cooking can be beneficial to your emotional health, with references for you to look up online.
✅ Home cooking tips to involve your family members are included.

"But Don’t Most Vegan Cookbooks Talk Down To Readers?" Yes, But Not This One!

I start with the beliefs: a) that talking to readers is better than talking down to them, and c) that a successful lifestyle change requires that the reader’s creativity and need to experiment are not bottled-up.

Because more author attitude equals less reader attention; and, because you are more likely to stick with it if you can play with it.
Stop compromising your health and wasting money on unhealthy cooking.

Grab this friendly cookbook that works with your budget and your creativity.

Please get your life back on track with a wholesome lifestyle, one meal at a time.

Please put soulless drive-by fast food runs in your rear mirror and bring emotional richness back into your life, one meal at a time.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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