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A Dowryless Wedding
by Merlin Franco

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Life was never going to be easy as a Communist in a Christian family, in a Christian town. But now arranged marriage looms and for Franklin, things are about to get even more complicated.

Nisha is beautiful and she seems to like him, but her family are the in-laws from Hell. Franklin tells them he doesn’t want a dowry, and everything goes pear-shaped. Everyone has a say in his marriage except him: his mother prays for his demon soul; his father-in-law treats him like a dangerous imbecile; Nisha can’t stop crying and the debts are mounting.

Now rumours are spreading that he tried to set fire to his wife. Everyone is ready to abandon him, even his former comrades.

Can Franklin make his families see sense and save his marriage? Will Nisha stop crying for long enough to listen? What is an eco-socialist to do when the whole world turns against him?

A Dowryless Wedding is a poignant comedy of manners and marriage in a society where tradition and modern life are forever at odds.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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