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6 Mega Power and Influence Hacks
by Mirza Barlas

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Since we are not born possessing all we require, and since others can often help us get it, we must learn how to get what we want from others. This book teaches you the personal abilities necessary to get your way with others by teaching you
• how to communicate precisely and concisely
• how to accurately read other people’s behavior nonverbally
• how to project credibility and charisma nonverbally
• how to build rapport and persuade others nonverbally
• how to resist coercion directed at you using defensive military strategy
• how to use coercion based on strategic warfare principles

While the book teaches incremental forms of influence and power over others all the way through to coercion, it emphasizes the crucial value of kindness and self-awareness throughout, and that without these, power is not sustainable. In an increasingly challenging world with more and more coming at you, 6 Mega Power and Influence Hacks empowers you to stand up for yourself and put forth your best.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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