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5 Minute Kitchen Experiments
by Wolf Cub Chlo

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Kitchen STEAM projects for kids ages 5 to 9

Do you love science but are overwhelmed by all the hard-to-find materials needed for each project?

Worried about your child ingesting toxic ingredients?

Looking for a quick, fun, simple way to bond with your children that doesn’t involve screens?

Then we are a perfect match!

This 5-minute Kitchen Experiments: 50 STEAM projects for kids ages 5-9 is packed with super fun non-toxic STEM/STEAM projects safe enough to taste with simple ingredients found right in your kitchen. Each chapter is divided into science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Recipes are easy to follow, include colorful photos, introduce a new science focus word, and encourage curiosity on every page!

Fun kitchen experiments for kids include:

  • Edible Meter - Each recipe is rated on whether it is completely edible, taste-safe, or non-toxic (safe enough to play with only).

  • Easy stem activities for kids - age-appropriate recipes help junior scientists to form hypotheses, learn new science vocabulary, and draw conclusions with every recipe.

  • Simple recipes for beginners and experts - focus on fun projects and family bonding.

  • Fun taste-safe projects for kids - fun non-toxic experiments with basic materials found right in your kitchen.

  • Colorful photos with every recipe - no more guessing what your experiment is actually supposed to look like.

  • Bonus science and food-themed, space and science activity pages for kids - Enjoy word searches, maze puzzles, connect the dot activities, and more.

Fun, quick, and simple kids book of experiments includes taste-safe experiments that explore answers to questions such as:

- How can soda be used to blow up a balloon?

- What happens when you heat up a marshmallow in the microwave?

- How to create moon phases using chocolate cookies?

- Do raisins sink or float when added to carbonated water?

and much more

This book of STEM experiments for kids provides a fun and quick projects that keep the focus on fun family bonding, exploring, and learning with your junior scientist instead of trying to create an experiment with complicated instructions that take more time to set up than actually conduct. Spark a lifelong love for STEAM/STEM, kitchen fun, learning, creativity, and food with 5 - Minute Kitchen Experiments: 50 STEAM projects for kids ages 5-9.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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