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12 Steps to Greatness
by John Hawkins

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What if you stopped running yourself into the ground in pursuit of empty promises and fleeting success?

Instead, imagine if you were to invest every moment into being the best you and making a lasting impact on others in your unique way!

The demands and routine of real life have a way of wiping out your plans, lowering your expectations, and separating you from your dreams. Pastor, family man, veteran, and business consultant John Hawkins makes it his mission to help people expect greatness and pursue excellence.

No matter where you are now, it’s your starting point for a life of success and significance that leaves a legacy you can be proud of!

In 12 Steps to Greatness, which serves as an inspiring introduction to John’s insight-packed volume Expect Greatness, he offers an accessible first look at the key steps to living a life of excellence for others.

If you’re tired of living someone else’s dream, begin reading 12 Steps to Greatness today—and prepare to create a legacy of excellence that truly matters to you, your community, and the world!

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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